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2016 CAAB Kingsley’s Dinner

On the 16th of November the annual CAAB Kingsley’s dinner was held, and like all Kingsley’s CAAB dinners in the past the event was an outstanding success. The theme for the night was Raw, Smoked and Grilled, with 4 courses of CAAB expertly prepared by the head chef of Kingsley’s Australian Steakhouse, Kevin Mckeown.

This year each meal was paired with wines the from Polin and Polin winery, grown in the Hunter Region.

Sydney Food Connoisseurs and Kingsley’s Australian Steakhouse club members, as well as CAAB staff and board members, wholesalers and retailers, enjoyed a night of delicious food, wine and company.

The CAAB meat component of the menu consisted of


Seared CAAB beef and nori rolls, with hot and sour dipping sauce.


Carpaccio CAAB Eye Fillet and CAAB Rump, served with watercress puree, pickled Dutch carrots, beets and radish, alongside a glass of 2015 Polin and Polin Convicts and Catholics Chardonnay.


Smoked CAAB Brisket with parmesan filled choux buns and a sherry vinegar jus, served with a glass of 2013 Polin and Polin Convicts and Catholics Shiraz.


CAAB rump, CAAB Eye Fillet and CAAB Rib Eye on the bone, served with greens, alongside a glass of 2011 Polin and Polin Limb of Addy Shiraz

The meal was outstanding and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

A very big thank you to the team at the Kingsley’s Australian Steakhouse who have yet again displayed their outstanding skills in organizing and preparing for this event.



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