Breed Verification

With the rise in popularity of ‘Angus Brands’, Angus Breed Verification Pty Ltd was developed in 1994 to ensure that when purchasing ‘Angus Brands’ there is truth in labelling. If you buy an Angus brand underpinned by the marks of Angus Breed Verification you can have confidence that the product is in fact of Angus breed.

Angus Breed Verification provides an independent third party quality assurance system to underpin raising claims made by the most reputable processors, monitoring each and every critical control point to assure product identity and integrity.

Angus Breed Verification is wholly owned by Certified Angus Group Pty Ltd, who as a subsidiary of Angus Australia, the custodian of the Angus Breed in Australia, ensures that Australian Angus cattle processed into Angus identified brands are in fact Angus. If the product you are purchasing is not identified by one of the following marks, then it is not Independently Verified by Angus Breed Verification, the company working for Angus Australia producer members.

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