Livestock Specification

Angus Pure Natural Beef Livestock Specification


BREED: Minimum 75% Angus breed content

SIRE: Angus, declared by National Vendor Declaration (NVD)

DAM: Angus or Angus/British/Wagyu cross


SEX: Steer (No secondary sexual characteristics) and/or Heifer (provided not in calf or never to have calved)

CURFEW LIVE WEIGHT: 390 to 550 kilograms.

DENTITION: 0 to 2 Teeth

FAT SCORE: 3 – 4 (P8 7 mm +)


MSA STATUS: Suppliers must be MSA licensed producers and comply with the terms of  the license, i.e. operate to MSA Guidelines and Minimum pre-slaughter requirements

HGP STATUS: Free for whole of life

FEEDING REGIME: Pasture fed, free to roam, plus approved supplementary rations. Rations free from genetically modified organisms (GMO’s)

TREATMENT HISTROY: Antibiotic free

Angus Pure Natural Beef includes raising claims of  Angus breed content, HGP free whole of life, free from antibiotics and fed only natural foodstuffs free from genetically modified organisms. These raising claims are independently verified by Certified Angus Group Pty Ltd’s ISO accredited quality management system (FS555947 ISO9001:2008) operating within approved arrangements including plant procedure for verification of raising claims. The approval of the plant procedure is administered at a Federal level by the Department of Agriculture as is required by law.

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